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shirt laundry in clayton CA


For proper deep cleaning of your duvets it is important that they move freely whilst washing. At Valley Cleaners in Clayton CA, we have high capacity laundry machines just for the job! Whether polyester or feather/down filled, you can rest assured we know what we're doing.

Leave your mountains of washing to us and rest assured that we'll take good care of it. Our industrial washers give a really thorough clean, followed by drying and beautiful attention to detail when folding. Just leave your items in a bag (along with any special instructions) and we'll take care of it.

Imagine never having to wash, dry and fold your clothing again! Ourwash and fold service makes that a possibility. Get all your family’s clothes washed and returned to you every week.   No more loading your washing machine and then transferring to the dryer load after load.

shirt laundry clayton ca

Call us to hear more about the program or to setup your pickup and delivery location and days. Our industrial strength washing

and drying machines make easy work of the biggest sheets or fluffiest towels.

This makes it easier than ever to rotate towels and sheets to get cleaned and have even fresher clothing.
We will drop off a free laundry bag and then you just fill it weekly for us to pickup. Later in the week we will return

freshly laundered and folded clothes to your home.  And as an added convenience you can include extras and we can bill your account for those items.

We also do dry cleaning, alterations, shoe care, and area rug cleaning. Just drop a note in your bag about what other services you need and any special instructions. Of course simple repairs like buttons resewn or replaced are included with any dry cleaning, laundry or service we do.

Our Monthly Wash and Fold Laundry Service lets you have all your clothing washed and returned to you with no limit or additional cost, and free pickup and delivery.


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We provide pick-up and delivery service for a wide variety of hospital gowns

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Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation is an investment in one of your most prized and cherished clothing items, your wedding

dress. Properly cleaned and stored your wedding dress can last for years. It can be resold, used by friends and family members,

altered for christening or baby bedding decorations, or to create a family heirloom. During the wedding ceremony and reception a gown can get stains from perspiration, skin oils, grass, wine, beer, champagne or cake frosting in an environment you wouldn’t think would be so likely to soil garments.

Adding to the difficulty to get a dress thorough the festivities unharmed is that they are often white or light colored, longin hem length, and have trains or veils. So it’s no wonder your dress could use a little cleaning. Let us help you with that. Like all our cleaning processes we use environmentally friendly methods and solvents to remove the stain but protect the delicate fabrics, beads, and sequins.

Overly aggressive older style solvents can damage or soften the attached decorations and damage the dress fabrics. We do not

use these solvents. Additionally Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation is best done with new or so called “virgin solvents” since a wedding

dress is so delicate, light in color, and meant to be stored for a long time. We use environmentally safe, stable, and new  solvents so that we remove the stains and do not add any scents or residue from other garments cleaned in the solvent before. Another aspect of wedding dress preservation is preventing yellowing or any color changes from stains or the environment. We can clean the wedding dress and give you instructions for storing the dress to minimize any color changes. And if your dress requires cleaning, repair, or storage that is beyond our abilities we will tell you so and suggest some other wedding dress preservation companies that should be able to assist you with your dress.

So contact us today to get our suggestions for cleaning, storing, and preserving your wedding dress


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